Wine Review Online April 6, 2021

Apr 06, 2021

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Mantel Blanco Verdejo 2020
" This is exceptionally good Verdejo, a variety can make very refreshing but also characterful wines from the Rueda region in the northwest of Castilla y León."
93 points

Legado del Moncayo Rosé 2020
" This is among the best rosé wines I’ve had the pleasure to taste this year. It is admirably fresh, …”
91 points

Mantel Blanco Sauvignon Blanc 2020
"Prior to the widespread availability of temperature-controlled fermentation vessels, the Rueda region was mostly known for fortified wines in a style we associate now only with Sherry."
92 points

Egeo 2020
"This wine is always very good, and I’ve placed multiple vintages of it on the wine lists of restaurants for which I consult."
90 points

Sotomonte Verdejo 2020
"Among the best values I’ve tasted this year in the broad category of fresh white wines, this is impressively delicious regardless of price considerations."
90 points

Bovale Rosé 2020
"Bobal is an important if still little known grape variety outside of Spain. In addition to making fine red table wine (usually from very old vines)…"
89 points