Tierra de Leon D.O.

Bodegas Margón is the result of the passion that has moved the Martínez and González families to produce high quality wines with exceptionally old vines of the Prieto Picudo variety. This characteristic grape variety dates back to the Roman Era and offers oval berries, unusual conical bunches and plenty of structure in finished wines.

Raul Perez, one of Spain's most recognized winemakers, is the manager and winemaker for this project. He is focused especially on allowing the maximum expression and quality of the Prieto Picudo variety. Harvested grapes are received to a cooling room at the top of the winery. This permits the grapes to enter the tanks by gravity and with the best temperature conditions. Fermentation occurs in French oak vats instead of conventional stainless steel tanks. A great selection of french tonnelleries in the cave allows the additional structure of oak to balance the power of the Prieto Picudo grapes.

"I tend to work with ecological methods, to work in biodynamics and in Tierra de León, due to the altitude and climate conditions of the area, there is no need for that. We are talking about Pajares de los Oteros. We can take the vineyards with zero treatment and that is incredible, because they give a high acidity and a very low pH naturally. I do not know any area like this and it allows us to work without sulphur, with a year in barrel, with these old vineyards." Raúl Pérez, winemaker

Tierra de Leon D.O.
Pajares de Los Oteros
Alfredo Martinez and Eugenio Gonzales
Raul Perez
Varieties Grown
Prieto Picudo, Albarin
Hectares/Age of Vines
25 Hectares / 80-130 year old vines
850-1100 meters / red clay soils with abundant surface stones
Farming Methods
Traditional, low, head-trained vines, organic farming with no chemical treatments