We are an importer of Spanish wines to the United States. President Aurelio Cabestrero looks for gems regardless of Denominacion de Origin; winemakers which are young and talented, representing the new face of Spanish winemaking; old vineyards; wines that reflect the true personality, quality and character of each vineyard, grape and people who make it. The wines are modern but not international with a balance between fruit and oak, where oak frames fruit flavors. Grapes of Spain wines provide the best value for the money whether at $10 per bottle or $100.

Named one of Robert Parker's "Wine Personalities of the Year."
"Aurelio Cabestrero is a serious importer of high quality Spanish wine who will gain ever increasing recognition as his name becomes better known... there is no question he has a brilliant palate as well as a knack for finding tiny, unheralded estates that are producing high quality wine."

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