Campo de Borja D.O.

Isaac Fernández Selección is a unique collaborative venture between two individuals – Isaac Fernández Montaña one of Spain’s most acclaimed winemakers and Aurelio Cabestrero whose vision and commitment helped bring Spanish wines to the forefront in the United States. They work at rediscovering forgotten regions of superior terroir and maximizing the potential from old vines of indigenous grape varieties in a number of regions.

2013 was the first vintage of Legado del Moncayo, a subtly oaked, old vine Garnacha from Campo de Borja. This wine compliments their existing offering from Calatayud as it offers more floral, red fruit aromas and lighter weight. In 2014 they added an un oaked wine made from younger vines, a delicious wine priced to be enjoyed everyday. In 2015 they expanded the line again with a unique expression of Garnacha Blanca, an exceedingly rare grape in the area. Finally in 2016, they produced their first dry Muscat, a highly aromatic, white wine that pairs beautifully with intensely flavored foods.

Campo de Borja D.O.
Isaac Fernández Montaña and Aurelio Cabestrero
Isaac Fernández Montaña
Varieties Grown
Garnacha Tinta, Garnacha Blanca, Muscat
Hectares/Age of Vines
39 Hectares / 15-80+ year-old vines
500-750 meters / iron-rich red clay, brown limestone, clay-loam
Farming Methods
Traditional methods
Not Available