Located in Gumiel de Mercado a small village in the western portion of the Ribera del Duero D.O., the winery produced its first wine in 2001. The vineyards were planted by the owners and a new winery was built and utilized for the 2005 vintage. The young estate vines are trained espalier in a Smart system and are drip irrigated.

With the completion of the new winery, all movement of wine through the winery takes place by gravity to minimize rough handling and to help obtain a wine with a silky mouthfeel. Fruit expression is maximized through temperature controlled fermentations, excluding extended maceration and gentle pressing in low capacity basket presses. The young wine typically ages for 4 months in oak while the Seleccion will spend 15 months in oak.

Isaac Fernandez, winemaker with the owners of Arrocal

Arrocal Vineyard

Ribera del Duero D.O.
      Angel de Arrocal 2011
      Angel de Arrocal 2012
      Arrocal 2013
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      Arrocal Maximo 2011
      Arrocal Passion 2010
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      Rosa de Arrocal 2016