D’Este Vino is a joint project between winemaker, Joaquin Galvez and importer, Aurelio Cabestrero. The goal of the project is to create exceptional quality wines which represent exceptional value to consumers. The first wine created by the project is from Valencia and takes advantage Joaquin’s expertise in vineyard management to produce a wonderfully silky, easy to drink and yet profound and deep wine; Molinet. Joaquin oversees the growing and harvest of the grapes, selecting only the best lots for the project.

Jumilla offers extraordinary conditions for cultivating grapes. Despite the region's proximity to the Mediterranean, the climate is extremely dry. Vines are grown between 550 and 850 meters above sea level behind a range of mountains that pose an impediment to ocean breezes. The region's poor soils and large temperature difference between day and night not only allow for excellent ripening, but also extraordinarily healthy grapes, and cultivation with minimal chemical intervention.

Aurelio and Joaquin

Barrel Aging El Molinet

Jumilla D.O.
      El Molet 2013
      El Molet 2014
Valencia D.O.