Winemaker, Miguel Ángel Peñalba Martínez, has lived in Ribera del Duero for his whole life. He studied Chemistry, winemaking and business and has been the vineyard manager for over 250 hectares of grapes for more than 10 years. The wine Carravid is made at a friend’s winery in his own tanks. Grapes are sourced for the most part from vines aged more than 60 years, that produce small yields of less than 20 HL/hectare. All of the grapes are sourced from villages around Aranda del Duero. None of the vineyards are treated with fungicides or any anti-microbial. Grapes are harvested into small boxes so that they arrive to the winery intact and in the best possible quality.

Tinta del Pais Vines

Winemaker Miguel Ángel Peñalba Martínez

Ribera del Duero D.O.
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