Bodegas Margón is the result of the passion that has moved the Martínez and González families, to produce high quality wines with the Prieto Picudo variety. All of their estate grown, old vineyards are located in the village of Pajares de Los Oteros within the new D.O. Tierra de León.

Tierra de León D.O. was created in July of 2007, but the existence of a characteristic grape and wines variety in this area come from the Roman Era. The production area, with around 3.500 km², is situated on the south of León and part of the north of Valladolid provinces. It is under the influence of Esla and Cea riverside. 34 wineries and 500 wine-growers are accepted in the protected Designation of Origin. The Prieto Picudo grape is the most characteristic grape of this area and is known for its conical bunches.

Under the brand PRICUM, they produce white and red wines, made with grapes from their hundred year old vineyards, cared and fussed over as their ancestors did. During the harvest all their bush vines are hand harvested. Raul Perez is the manager and winemaker for this project. He has become one of the most international recognized winemakers from the northwest of Spain.

They focus especially on allowing the maximum expression and quality of the Prieto Picudo variety. As such they received harvested grapes to a cooling room at the top of the winery. This permits the raw material to access the tanks by gravity and with the best temperature conditions. Fermentation occurs in French oak vats instead of conventional stainless steel tanks. A great selection of french tonnelleries in the cave allows to additional structure of oak to balance the power of the Prieto Picudo grapes.

2007 was the first vintage for the winery and the wines are brand new to the North American Market.

Aging Pricum Albarin Barrica


Tierra de Leon D.O.
      Pricum Paraje de El Santo 2007
      Pricum Prieto Picudo 2010
      Pricum Primeur 2012
      Pricum Valdemuz 2008